How To Remove Date and .html From Blogger Post URL

Do you want to make the URL of the article more professional by deleting the date and .html extension from the post URL of your Blogspot blog? Follow the below steps.

ব্লগ পোস্টের URL থেকে তারিখ ডিলেট করবো কীভাবে,

We know that posting an article on blogger by default shows the date of publication and a .html extension at the end of its permalink/URL. But in the professional and large platforms, you won't see this type of URL there. Most of them use simple, short, and easy-to-understand permalink.
Today we will learn how to delete dates and .html from the URL of blogger posts?

At this point, the question in your mind may be, what is the benefit of deleting the date from the blog post URL?

➥ Advantages of deleting dates and .html from Blogger post URLs

Removing the date and .html from the URL of the post will shorten the URL, which will make your post more SEO friendly.
The URLs of your blog post will look like professionals. Also, You can do this if you do not want to show the date of the blog post to the visitors.

➥ Disadvantages

Oops! It has disadvantages too! If your articles are already indexed in search engines, then it will not be right for you to change URLs.

Because, in the search engine, your previous links are indexed. If you delete the date now, the URLs will also be changed. As a result, if a visitor clicks on that URL, a 404 error message will be shown. As a result, your blog will lose visitors even after having content.

However, if you are a new blogger, you can use this method of deleting dates and .html from the post URL.

➯ After logging in to Blogger, go to the "Theme" page from the dashboard.

➯ Click on "Edit HTML".

➯ Find the <head> tag.

➯Copy the code below and paste it under the <head> tag and save it.

// BloggerJS v0.3.1
// Copyright (c) 2020 Rijonistic
// Licensed under the MIT License
var urlTotal,nextPageToken,postsDatePrefix=!1,accessOnly=!1,useApiV3=!1,apiKey="",blogId="",postsOrPages=["pages","posts"],jsonIndex=1,secondRequest=!0,feedPriority=0,amp="&"[0];function urlVal(){var e=window.location.pathname,t=e.length;return".html"===e.substring(t-5)?0:t>1?1:2}function urlMod(){var e=window.location.pathname;"p"===e.substring(1,2)?(e=(e=e.substring(e.indexOf("/",1)+1)).substr(0,e.indexOf(".html")),history.replaceState(null,null,"../"+e)):(e=(e=postsDatePrefix?e.substring(1):e.substring(e.indexOf("/",7)+1)).substr(0,e.indexOf(".html")),history.replaceState(null,null,"../../"+e))}function urlSearch(e,t){var n=e+".html";t.forEach(function(e){-1!})}function urlManager(){var e=urlVal();0===e?accessOnly||urlMod():1===e?getJSON(postsOrPages[feedPriority],1):2===e&&(accessOnly||history.replaceState(null,null,"/"))}function getJSON(e,t){var n=document.createElement("script");if(useApiV3){var o=""+blogId+"/"+e+"?key="+apiKey+"#maxResults=500#fields=nextPageToken%2Citems(url)#callback=bloggerJSON";nextPageToken&&(o+="#pageToken="+nextPageToken),nextPageToken=void 0}else o=window.location.protocol+"//"+window.location.hostname+"/feeds/"+e+"/default?start-index="+t+"#max-results=150#orderby=published#alt=json-in-script#callback=bloggerJSON";o=o.replace(/#/g,amp),n.type="text/javascript",n.src=o,document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(n)}function bloggerJSON(e){var t=[];if(useApiV3||void 0===urlTotal&&(urlTotal=parseInt(e.feed.openSearch$totalResults.$t)),useApiV3){try{e.items.forEach(function(e,n){t.push(e.url)})}catch(e){}nextPageToken=e.nextPageToken}else try{e.feed.entry.forEach(function(n,o){var r=e.feed.entry[o];,n){"alternate"[n].rel&&t.push([n].href)})})}catch(e){}urlSearch(window.location.pathname,t),urlTotal>150?(jsonIndex+=150,urlTotal-=150,getJSON(postsOrPages[feedPriority],jsonIndex)):nextPageToken?getJSON(postsOrPages[feedPriority]):secondRequest&&(nextPageToken=void 0,urlTotal=void 0,jsonIndex=1,secondRequest=!1,0===feedPriority?(feedPriority=1,getJSON("posts",1)):1===feedPriority&&(feedPriority=0,getJSON("pages",1)))}function bloggerJS(e){e&&(feedPriority=e),urlManager()}bloggerJS();
This code will redirect your old URL to the new URL. See how easily you can remove dates and .html from the blog's post URL. If you face any kind of problem, please let me know in the comment box below.

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