How to Learn Web Design and Development?

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Nowadays web design and development has become common. There is a huge demand for web page designers and web developers in online marketplaces. 

Numerous jobs in the online freelancing marketplaces are constantly coming up in the web page design and web development categories. Some people are making a lot of money every month by doing web development work.

However, there are still many who do not know anything about this. 

You can read this blog to understand what is web design and development? And how you can learn web design and development and how you need to move forward. Let's get started. 

  1. At first, you need to know what is web design and development?
  2. Why do you learn web design? That has to be fixed.
  3. What to learn?
  4. Where to learn?
  5. How to learn?
  6. Then you have to think - where to work?

1. What is web design and development?

Web design means determining what a website will look like or what it will look like in general. Web design is basically the external structure of a web page. The main job of a web designer is to create a template for a site. 

As a web designer, your job is to create a complete web site template. For example, what will be the layout of it, Where there will be a menu in the header, whether there will be a sidebar, how to display the images, etc. 

In other words, web design is about determining how the information on a website will be displayed.

And web development means building a web site from the designed template to the markup language and programming language. 

2. Why learn web design and development?

If you are asked, why would you learn web design and development? If the answer is, "I want to earn a lot of money, I want to earn after a while, I want to be rich overnight!" 

I'd say you're wrong, you can't be a web developer! Although it will take much longer! That doesn't mean you can't make money! If you can't earn money, then why learn with difficulty? 

Your learning objective should be, "I want to learn, I want to learn well, I want to be an expert, I want to learn how to solve all the problems related to web design and development and I want to earn a lot of money." Then of course you can be a good web developer and make money with it!

And if you start thinking about money first, then both money and learning will leave you! 

3. What to learn?

The first two languages ​​we need to know for web and software design and development are - 

1. HTML and

2. CSS

Both are markup languages, not programming languages. With these two languages, ​​you can create a static website. 

3. By learning JavaScript language you can create an attractive and visually pleasing website. 

4. Moreover, when designing and developing web and software, you will need to do a lot of graphics work.

That's why it is better to know the work of PhotoShop, Illustrator or Graphics. 

You can create any static web site just by knowing these few things.

Now the question that may come to mind is what is a static web site?

➥ What are static websites and dynamic websites?

Static web sites are webpages that we cannot modify without going to the original code to add, edit or delete anything. 

Now the question may be, can't a website be created that can be changed without going to the original code? 

Hmmm, of course. Dynamic websites are web pages that can be modified without having to go to the original code to add, edit, or delete anything. Like Facebook, we can add and delete our profiles, posts, friends anytime. Basically, that website is dynamic so it is possible for us to do that. 

I will write about the dynamic web site differently! Now, you need to learn how to create a static website as a first step. 

4. Where to learn?

The Internet is the best place to learn anything at any time.

If you want to know anything you will find on the internet. The Internet is the greatest teacher. You can learn everything from YouTube. Take the basic idea.

Then enroll in a training center if you can afford it! If not, there is no problem, continue from YouTube! 

5. How to learn Web Design?

There is a lot to learn, now let's see how to learn. 

First, watch the tutorial on YouTube, watch it again, then try to do it yourself as you did in the tutorial.

If you get stuck, try to solve it yourself, if you can't even after a lot of effort then get help.

Whenever you are free, keep thinking about web design and development. Keep thinking about the problems, it will increase your knowledge.

6. Where do I work? Where do I make money?

There is a huge demand for web page designers and web developers in online marketplaces. Numerous jobs in online freelancing marketplaces are constantly coming up in the web page design and web development categories. There are many people who earn 5 lakh and more every month!

➦ Try to learn something new every day. Coding for at least two hours daily. Your desire and active participation will make you experienced in this regard. Are you ready to become a web developer?

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