5 Best Modern PSD To HTML Template 2020

In today's post, I am sharing 5 modern PSD to HTML templates. The design of the templates has been made following the design trends of the current websites.

There is nothing to say in detail about converting from PSD to HTML. Yet for newcomers, I am briefly explaining.

What is PSD to HTML?

Any design made in Photoshop is called PSD. PSD to HTML refers to converting a design made in Photoshop into a webpage using HTML, CSS, BOOTSTRAP, etc. PSD to HTML is very popular in the marketplace. Do a Google search for more details. Let's start now. 

If I give a full demo screenshot of the templates, the post will take the shape of an ocean, so I am giving it with a separate demo button.

HeyU Landing Page PSD Template

Movie Presentation PSD Template

Services Agency Free PSD Template

Merkury - Business Agency PSD Template

Multi-Purpose Agency PSD Template

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*** Note: All the templates given in the post have been collected from the internet. So all the credit goes to the original designer.

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