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The Internet is a rich source of information, entertainment, and so on. But like the other side of the coin, there is a huge darkness on the internet. The SalamWeb browser can keep you away from the dark side of the Internet and create a free, secure and positive virtual environment.

SalamWeb is the world's first Shariah-certified web browser. It has played a role in creating a secure digital ecosystem for half a billion Muslims around the world. In addition to the common web services, the browser also has some special features such as SalamNews, SalamChat, SalamSadaqah, Qibla compass, etc.

In today's post, we will try to learn more about the features of the SalamWeb Browser. So let's get started.

➦ Timing of Salat

You will receive notifications regarding the exact prayer time based on your location and the time remaining before your next prayer begins.

➦ Mosques near you

You can find mosques near you, access information about them and get directions.

➦ Qibla Compass

Know the direction to face when performing your prayers even if there is no internet connection.

➦ SalamWebProtect

Search, read, watch and do other things on the Internet without compromising your Muslim faith and your conscience. SalamWeb browser protects users from ‘haram’ content through this feature.

➦ SalamWebTalks

Comment or rate any site or page, even if they don’t want you to. You can use this feature to rate positive and negative content. This will help others to understand the matter. 

➦ Other features

SalamWeb does not block harmful or offensive contents. It alerts the user about the negative content. Users can control what they want and what they don't want by their own values and religious beliefs.

You can download the browser from this link:

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