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Assalamu Alaikum, Tech lovers. Today I am sharing more than 100 SEO tools and resources for free. Hope these tools will help you to SEO your website.

We all know more or less about SEO. SEO is all about getting your website to the top of Google search or getting your product to users. And if you are a blogger then knowing SEO is a must for you. 

 What is SEO?

  According to Moz, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

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In simple terms, SEO is a technical strategy to get a website on the first page of search engines. 
Do a Google search for more details on SEO.

Here are the links to SEO tools and a brief overview. 

 Keyword Tools

 Keywords Everywhere​ - Great keyword tool Chrome and Firefox extension. (now paid)

 Answer The Public​ - Aggregated view of the questions asked to Google & Bing.

 Keyword Keg​ - Another free keyword tool, you can import lists and export 20 results.

 Wordtracker Scout​ - Displays what articles are about on keyword cloud. 

 LSI Graph​ - Generate a list of semantically related keywords and best performing content.

 Google Trends​ - Compare one keyword to another over time

 Keyword Finder - ​Uses Google's autocomplete API to find many keywords. 

 KeywordTool.io -​ An alternative to Google keyword planner.

 Merge Words​ - Takes words from 3 lists and merges them together into one.

 Cognitive SEO Keywords​ - Analyze keywords and get suggestions.

 Seed Keywords​ - Grow your own seo keywords from suggestions from your friends.

 Keyword Density Checker -​ Remember to write for people, not SEO, don’t over optimize. 

 Keyword Rankings

 Small SEO Tools Rank Checker - ​Check rankings of up to 10 keywords at a time.

 Hoth Rankings Tracker​ - Check 10 keywords ranking daily.

 Can I Rank -​ Explains the opportunities and benefits of ranking for certain keywords 

 Backlink Tools

 Ahrefs Backlink Checker​ - Free version of Ahrefs' backlink checker tool.

 Open Link Profiler -​ Fast backlinks and a lot more info worth investigating. 

 Check My Links ​- Chrome plugin to check pages for broken links.

 Search Queries​ - for backlink prospecting 

 Guide to getting backlinks - ​Lots of great ideas for obtaining a good link or two.

 Help A Reporter​ - Be a reference for reporters looking for answers. 

 Image Optimization

 GeoImgr​ - Image geotagging, add GPS info to photos online.

 EXIF Editor​ - A program for download that allows you to edit EXIF data of images. 

 Website Audit Tools

 Ubersugest​ - All in one site analyzer, backlink checker and keyword tool. Top Rated!

 SEO Site Checkup​ - Checks major search engine optimization factors.

 SEOability​ - Website crawler with reporting on errors and SEO scoring. 

 Screaming Frog -​ Crawl websites and check many different elements.

 Website Grader​ - Checks a few important factors like seo, speed, etc.

 Revive Content Ideas​ - A tool that tells you what website content needs to be revised.

 WooRank -​ Another tool to use to find errors on your site and make improvements.

 Brown Seo​ - Allows you to view your website like a search engine does.

 SEO Resources

 SEO Checklists -​ Lists to help you not forget steps during SEO campaigns.

 200 SEO Ranking Factors -​ Explore all of the things Google uses to gauge rankings.

 Periodic Table of SEO Factors -​ Ranking factors displayed like periodic table of elements.

 Google: Algorithm Updates -​ List of major Google updates. 

 Google Algorithm Timeline​ - A timeline of major Google updates.  

 Local Search Tools

 AccurRanker SERP Checker​ - Free Google search results on any keywords anywhere. 

 Local Falcon​ - Get a grid showing where your GMB is ranking on Google Maps. 

 Local Search Resources

 Local Search Ecosystem​ - Graphic & info on how local SEO citation sources interconnect. 

 Add To GPS Maps​ - Resource that shows how to add your business to all GPS maps. 

 Local SEO Citation Sources

 Moz Local Citations by Category​ - List of SEO citation sources sorted by business types.

 Yext Directories​ - List of important business directories to list your site for local SEO.

 Local Citations Checkers

 Moz Local Citation Checker​ - Check your online presence in common citation directories.

 Yext listing scan​ - Check business listing citations source accuracy.  

 Browser Extensions

 Nofollow identifier ​- Nofollow links on websites you view are outlined in red.

 SEO Quake​ - Multi-tool for viewing many important seo factors of a website.

 Image downloader​ - Download all images from a webpage.

 SEO Toolkit​ - Another extension showing seo results from pages viewed.

 Link Miner​ - Check pages for broken links and social data.  

 Website Analytics

 Statcounter​ - Nice and easy to understand website analytics program. 

 Clicky​ - Website analytics with many features included.

 Google Analytics Annotation​ - Take notes in Google Analytics timelines.

 Keyword Hero​ - Display what Google keywords were used to get to a page.

 Databox​ - Beautiful customizable reports, free for up to 3 dashboards. 

 Mobile SEO Tools

 Mobile First​ - Identify problems with the mobile version of your site.

 Google mobile design checker​ - Is your website mobile friendly?

 Mobi Ready​ - Test websites on different mobile devices. 

 Responsive design checker​ - Test your site of different mobile devices.  

 Competitor Analysis

 SpyFu -​ Check competitor organic or Google ads keywords.

 Keyword Spy​ - Learn your competitors' most profitable Ad copies & keywords.

 Spy On Web -​ Quick search for websites that belong to the same owner.

 iSpionage​ - View competitors best-ranking keywords, landing pages and more.  

 Website Speed Tests

 GTmetrix​ - Test website speed and identify actionable items that are slowing it down.

 Page Speed Insights​ - Tool from Google to measure page speed in desktop or mobile. 

 Text Tools

 Keyword Editing Tool​ - Edit keywords, split and combine lists, change case. 

 Sort My List​ - A free online tool to help with keyword lists and more.

 Word Counter​ - Count characters in text for meta tags and more.

 Keyword density checker​ - Check density of KW phrases on a page.

 Plagiarism checker​ - Make sure your content is not a duplicate on the web. 

credit: 1on1seotraining

Google and other search engines are constantly updating their algorithms. So it is important to always keep abreast of these updates and manage your website accordingly.
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