Top 5 Websites to Learn Programming for Free in 2021

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Many of us have a desire to learn programming and build our own careers in programming, but it often becomes very difficult due to lack of proper guidelines. We all know that as much programming as you are taught for a college degree or university degree, it is never enough for the real world or to build a career. 

Besides, if you want to learn programming, you don't have to study computer science at university. As you may have heard, a large part of the software engineering industry is self-taught programmers who have never learned coding in any college or university.

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They all initially learned the basics of programming from a website or a YouTube tutorial and then expanded their knowledge on their own. However, today I am going to discuss some of the free websites that you can follow to gain basic knowledge of programming.

However, these websites will never make you a skilled programmer. Using these you will only learn the basics of programming and maybe intermediate things. However, these websites are the most useful for programming.


I think this is the best free platform for learning programming. It is the largest non-profit organization for learning programming. Here you will find beginner courses in almost all types of programming languages, and each lesson in each course is very detailed and beginner-friendly. 

If you have never had any programming knowledge before, you can easily read and understand all the courses here just by being a computer and internet user. However, in this case, you need to know the English language well. You don't have to be absolutely native, but you can understand by watching English YouTube videos or English movies, that's all.

Also, if you don't want to learn coding by reading articles, you can also follow FreeCodeCamp's YouTube channel. On their YouTube channel, you will find beginner-friendly video tutorials on almost all popular programming languages ​​and all the popular frameworks in each language. 

On FreeCodeCamp's YouTube channel you will find not only Basic but also advanced knowledge of many technologies from Intermediate in many cases. And being a non-profit organization, all their videos are completely ad-free.

So if you want to get involved in programming, I would suggest starting with FreeCodeCamp. If you want to know about the curriculum, here you can find basic Python, JavaScript, C, C ++, C Sharp to Advanced Front-End Development, Web Design, Backend Development, Data Structure, Algorithm, Data Visualization, Machine Learning. You will find separate detailed beginner-friendly courses.


CodeAcademy is also very popular for learning programming. It is also a free website like FreeCodeCamp, where you will find beginner-friendly courses in almost all types of languages. CodeAcademy's courses are a little more interactive than FreeCodeCamp. Because you don't have to learn coding by reading any specific article here.

Rather here you have to write the code yourself. You will be given your lesson details and code instructions on the left side of a canvas in each lesson and on the right side of the canvas, you will have to write the code according to the instructions and run the code to test if you have written correctly.

If you stocked somewhere, you will also get hints and solutions for each step of the code. From here you have to learn the code by writing the code yourself. So for beginners, I think it is a little better than FreeCodeCamp. However, to do the course here, you need to know fairly good English.

However, for free at CodeAcademy you can practice just a few languages. If you want to go to intermediate or advanced topics and get access to all their lessons, then you have to take their CodeAcademy Pro plan which is a monthly paid subscription.


Coursera is a very popular and well-known name in coding learning. One of the specialties of Coursera is that, all the coding-related projects, tutorials and all kinds of free resources are shared directly by the professors of the top universities in the world.

Here you will find hundreds of free video training and beginner tutorials in a variety of programming languages ​​that are enough for any beginner to master the basics of programming.

They have partnered with leading universities around the world for each course available at Coursera. So when learning programming at Coursera, you can be sure that you are learning from the best or one of the best teachers in the world. 

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Here you can learn almost all popular programming languages ​​like C, C ++, Java, JavaScript etc. All of Coursera's programming courses are free. However, if you want to get a certificate from Coursera for your completed course, you will have to make some payment for it.

Khan Academy

This is probably the most popular website on this list. There are very few tech-savvy internet users who have never heard of or visited Khan Academy. Khan Academy is the largest learning platform on the Internet. 

There is probably no bigger and more useful learning website for computer science students online than this. Khan Academy is a very useful learning platform for developing almost all types of coding-related knowledge and skills.

From basic knowledge of computer programming and algorithms to advanced application building, almost all types of learning resources are available here. 

All courses at Khan Academy are also trained by professionals. Khan Academy will be most useful for you if you want to get a basic knowledge of computer science and HTML, CSS, JavaScript or modern web development.


In my opinion, this is the best platform for learning programming. You will not find a better free platform anywhere else. I first talked about FreeCodeCamp's non-profit YouTube channel where you can find thousands of high-quality programming tutorials for free. 

I think if you follow the FreeCodeCamp channel on YouTube, you will not need to visit any other website on this list. YouTube is the only platform on this list where you can take advantage of targeted learning. That is, you can only watch the tutorial by targeting what you want to learn and move forward according to your goal.

Also, there is no better platform for real-world programming knowledge than YouTube. You can find tutorials on all types of programming languages ​​on YouTube.

Here are the 5 best free websites or resources that you can use to start learning to program. Usually, these websites will only give you basic knowledge of programming (although in some you will also get advanced knowledge). If you want to be a professional programmer, you can never rely on just one website. You need to understand what you have to do for your career and how far you can go. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know in the comments section.

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