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Python is an object-oriented high-level programming language. Guido van Rossum first published it in 1991. The readability of the program was emphasized when building Python. Python's core syntax and semantics are very brief, but the language's standard library is very rich.

Python is one of the best-established programming languages in today's Internet age. Python is a simple but complete programming language. Python is also the best language for the Large Scale project. Python can be used for desktop apps, mobile apps, websites and game development. In short, One Language for Everything!

There are a few things to keep in mind before learning anything, whether it's Python or Marathon.

1. Be determined

It is very important to be determined before starting programming. Otherwise, after two days, the code may not work, Facebook notification will come on the phone and you will not be available in programming. So, first of all, you have to be determined.

2. Set targets

You have to be clear about why you are learning. Must have a specific target. I will finish in the grave, how much I will finish, how much time I will give every day - that timeline should be set. Spend a minimum of 3 hours per day. If possible, you have to promise to give 5 hours time.

3. Where to learn

Find a specific place. It could be a YouTube video playlist or a website or a mobile app. Whatever it is, before you start, take a look at the details to see if the outline is good and if it looks a little complete.

4. A place to get help

If you try to code, you will get stuck. So find a place in advance. It could be StackOverflow or a Facebook group or Whatsapp group or discord server. But whatever it is. You need such a place.

5. Just get started

Don't plan too much. Don't worry too much. How much profit, how much loss, whether to get a job, what will be the market demand, do not worry about these. Just get started.

Where to learn?

There are many online courses and tutorials from where you can learn Python. I am giving the link to some good and well-decorated tutorials and courses below. You can access them for Free.

The last question is, What things to learn?

What to learn?

1. Basic concept

Start with the basic concept. Learn variables, conditions, loops, lists, functions.

2. Problem Solving

Try to solve some programming problems with Basic Concept. Then you will understand how to apply any idea of ​​programming in any place. This will expose you to the system of doing the same thing in different ways.

3. Data structure

After that, the data structure will take over. In this data structure, you have to get some idea about stack, queue, link list, tree, dictionary, map.

4. Algorithm

You can't become a full-fledged programmer without having an idea about algorithms. That's why you need to know at least 2 search algorithms and 5 sorting algorithms. Must be able to code manually. And also have to take the idea of  ​​'time complexity'.

5. Object-Oriented Programming

This is a very important step. In this step, you will know about object key, class key, constructor, method. OOP also has some fundamental things - such as inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation - their concepts need to be clear. You need to know how to use these ideas in a project.

6. Project

You have to do several projects. If you can project, your idea about Python will be clear. You need to know how to use some Python libraries - you need to know what happens to them. Try drawing some charts or projects to handle data.

7. Database

You need to know how to control the data. How to store. How to bring out the data if necessary. How to organize data for a project.

Learning Python is a journey. There will be many joyous times in this journey as well as many challenging times. But whatever the case, stick to it. Then you will become a world-class programmer. Everyone in the world learns by stumbling.

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