Is Coca-Cola Bad For Health?

After taking a heavy meal, a cold glass of Coca-Cola brings satisfaction. A can of 350 ml of Coca-Cola contains about 38 grams or 10 tablespoons of sugar. Moreover, other components of Coca-Cola are carbonated water, acidity regulator phosphoric acid, natural flavor, caramel, caffeine and approved pigments used for coloring. According to the World Health Statistics, a maximum of six spoons of sugar can be consumed per day for women and a maximum of nine spoons of sugar per day for men. Where drinking a can of Coca-Cola is like eating about 10 spoons of sugar.

Coca-Cola contains sugar as sucrose or high fructose corn syrup. The excess sugar used in the drink and the sweet taste is what any person is supposed to vomit as soon as they eat. But the phosphoric acid present in Coca-Cola soothes the excessively sweet taste. 

Within 20 minutes of drinking coca-cola, blood sugar increases, and the liver turns high levels of sugar into fat. In 40 minutes, the caffeine in the drink is absorbed by the body. Under the influence of this caffeine, blood pressure increases. At this point, Coca-Cola blocks the brain's adenosine receptors.

After exactly 5 minutes, dopamine production increased. Dopamine is a type of neurotransmitter that controls the brain's joy, contentment, motivation, feeling good. Dopamine is responsible for people's happy feelings. 

The effect of caffeine in the drink secretes dopamine in the brain, creates a feeling of good feeling. After drinking a bottle of Coca-Cola, the desire to drink another bottle of Coke is aroused. Coke is not only a high fructose corn syrup but also contains refined salt and caffeine. This applies to all caffeine drinks.

The question is, Will drinking Coca-Cola on a regular basis have any harmful effects on the human body?

Vitamin deficiency: Coca-Cola contains phosphoric acid along with caffeine. They increase the diuretic effect. Within 60 minutes of drinking, vitamins and nutrients are removed from the body. So imagine what would happen if you drink Coca-Cola every day?

Tooth decay
: Having high levels of sugar and acidity in coca-cola content, they can damage tooth enamel, causing cavities. Due to the lack of vitamins, the amount of calcium in the body decreases. If this continues for a long time, wounds can be created inside and outside the teeth.

Anxiety: Caffeine can lead to sleep disturbances as well as anxiety. A cup of coffee contains the same amount of caffeine in a can of coke.

Weight gain: Coca-Cola contains sucrose or high fructose corn syrup. Drinking such sugary drinks increases the appetite rather. After drinking soda, people are seen consuming more calories than normal. Sweet drinks are directly related to weight gain.

Also, drinking regularly can lead to sleep disturbances, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, obesity. Don't worry, drinking Coca-Cola, sweet drinks in a pulp dose will not have these harmful effects on health. What happens if you don't have a sip of Coca-Cola? Huh?


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