How to Send WhatsApp Message Without Saving Number?

Sometimes we need to save Unknown numbers on the phone just to message on WhatsApp. Because on WhatsApp we can only send messages to those numbers which are already saved in our mobile phone.

But now there is a feature in WhatsApp with which you can message on WhatsApp without saving the number.

How to message on WhatsApp without saving phone numbers?

1. First of all, update the WhatsApp app on your mobile.

2. After updating WhatsApp, now you can open any web browser on your mobile. For example Google Chrome browser.

3. After opening the browser go to this link ""

 Example - ""

4. In the link given above, where the Number is written, give the number you want to message on WhatsApp without saving the number.

5. Entering the link will open WhatsApp on your mobile. And you will see that the chat with that WhatsApp number has opened.

Note: - You can do the same on your computer, for this you need to have the WhatsApp software installed on your computer.

Now you can message to unknown number from WhatsApp, no need to save any number.


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